An Historic double for Krasnenkov and Budantseva shines a light on Russian golf

Like a true champion, taking the final lap in 34 Stableford points, once again without error, Boris Krasnenkov wins the Dubai Tour Championship as well as The Race To La Reserva ranking.

For the first time in the history of the tour a Russian golfer from St Petersburg is crowned World Amateur Tour Champion.

JP Talmon and Marc Topiol, neither of whom could make the final trip to Dubai, finished 2ndand 3rdrespectively in the 2020/21 World Amateur Tour ranking.

Playing fantastic golf during the last round at Dubai Creek, Boris Krasnenkov left France’s Luc Bachelerie and Cameroun’s Joel Monefong no chance and left them 9 points behind in this Dubai Tour Championship.

In the Legend series it’s no other than Alexander Krasnenkov, Boris’ father who grabbed the Dubai Championship trophy and also top spot in the Legends Ranking.

Cameroun’s Joel Monefong finished 2nd  and takes the Gross prize as Franck Henouda won his first and maybe last title in the second series as he will now plays in the first series.

In the ladies series Irina Nesterova, recovering from a  shoulder injury, only made the decision to play in Dubai just a day before the closing date.

But with just a few days to prepare, she was unable to produce her best golf this time.

Karina Budantseva, however, arrived in Dubai full of confidence. After a couple of good practice rounds she was poised and ready for the fight.

Playing consistantly on both days she finished with a total of 55 stableford points over the two rounds and 8 points ahead of Nesterova.
Able to celebrate her first win on The Dubai Championship Tour and bringing the cup home she takes Champion of the year ahead of Nesterova and Anne-Catherine Robin.

All eyes are no looking toward 2022 season hoping that will go well.

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