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Hubert Lanvin is a French entrepreneur living in Milan. He is the founder of Worldstyle Company. He plays golf whenever he can. Member of the prestigious Morfontaine Club, in the north of Paris, Hubert also recently joined the Circolo Villa d’Este and Barlassina Club in Milan.

  • Home Club: Morfontaine – Circolo Golf Villa d’Este, Milan – Barlassina Golf Club, Milan

  • Favorite course : Morfontaine

  • Best golfing memory : The fist time I finished a round with the same ball at Morfontaine.

  • Best memory at World Amateur Tour event: Playing at Loch Lomond for the Links Championship, the ambiance, the course, although I did not play well!

  • Always ready to play a round of golf. All World Amateur Tour members are welcome to contact me when in Milan.

Hubert Lanvin

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