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Olivier DUHA

Frenchman Olivier Duha is the CEO of Webhelp Group since 2001. Olivier was one of the first players to join the World Amateur Tour in Fancourt for the 2015 South African Inaugural Championship.

  • Home Course: Waterloo Golf Club (Belgium)

  • Favorite course : Loch Lomond Golf Club (Scotland)

  • Best golfing memory : Playing Hassan II Trophy with 1986 Masters Champion Sandy Lyle

  • Best memory at World Amateur Tour event: First participation at The Links in Fancourt

Olivier Duha

“What a wonderful experience, as an entrepreneur I never felt that energy and adrenaline before.

Nothing to compare with pro ams. When you play the World Amateur Tour, you are the pro and that makes all the difference.”

Olivier Duha- CEO of WEBHELP Group- Waterloo Golf Club

Olivier DUHA - CEO Webhelp Group, Players

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