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Who are we?

Jean-Charles Cambon – inspired by his career as a professional golfer and over 15 years of experience in organizing professional golf tournaments – is the man behind The World Amateur Tour. After having played the world’s most exceptional golf courses, he knows precisely where to take you and the ideal conditions that will enable you to experience each tournament as if you were a professional golfer yourself.

Why take part in World Amateur Tour?

Organized much like a professional championship, but open only to keen and experienced amateurs, The World Amateur Tour is made up of 6 tournaments per year that will each be played over 2 rounds (36 holes). Filmed and broadcasted, leaderboards settled along the course providing live scoring, personalized golf bags, golf coach and a fitting workshop at your disposal, each stage of World Amateur Tour brings together all conditions of the very best professional tournaments. Aimed at well-informed golfers, World Amateur Tour selects only the most prestigious golf courses that have already hosted the world’s elite during renowned events. The finishing touch to this sporting challenge in a superb environment is luxury accommodation and high-quality service, offering you a genuine, pre-packaged solution for an excellent sports break.

Who can participate in World Amateur Tour?

Any golfer who is a member of a recognized golf federation, and who is over the age of 18 years old at the time of registration.

How can I become a member?

You can become a member by filling in the entry form on the World Amateur Tour website. You will then be asked to pay the World Amateur Tour membership fee to obtain your member’s card.

How can I register for the tournaments?

You must fill in the entry form on the World Amateur Tour website, and pay the Tour registration fee.
Furthermore, you are required to read our Tournament registration & Payment policy, Tour policy.

You have to participate in at least one Tour tournament for the current season. To be eligible World Amateur Tour Champion of the year, you have to participate into two tournaments including the final tournament.

How are the players ranked after the tournaments?

The ranking is based on player’s 60% net scores. A ranking will be published after each tournament. The final World Amateur Tour ranking will take into account all the results obtained by each player during the season.
Each tournament brings a minimum of 600,000 WATs into play, which will be distributed according to the breakdown. The player with the highest number of WATs at the end of the season will be the Winner of the Tour.

What is a WAT?

A WAT is the unit used to rank the players. One WAT = one point.

Is a golf caddy mandatory?

Yes, every player must have a golf caddy, they will be provided by World Amateur Tour

I am registered for a World Amateur Tour tournament, but at the last moment something has come up and I can’t come to the competition. Will I be reimbursed for the fee that I paid when I registered?

See the cancelation policy.

See policy